Book a Private Trail Work Event

We make things easy for you to host a one-of-a-kind team-building event in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains.

Trails bring folks together, and at your private trail work event, our staff will guide your team through sustainable trail work so that we can make a difference and have a little fun together.

The Details:

  • Trail work events are usually 4-6 hours in length, and are hosted at a public park in the Santa Cruz area.

  • We provide all the equipment needed to have a fun and impactful day out on the trails.

  • Due to the nature of our events and the quality of our work, we require a minimum donation of $1,500, based on a group size of 10-15. Costs vary depending on group size or hospitality needs. We’re happy to coordinate breakfast, lunch, or post-dig refreshments for your crew!


  • Support local trails while building team camaraderie! You’ll learn a new skill together and uplift local open spaces.

  • Get outside and in the sunshine. Step away from your desk, and get to know your teammates in a new environment.

  • Double the impact of every event. Fees from each corporate event provide essential funding for a free teambuilding event for a non-profit group. You can feel good knowing that your teambuilding event also helps community groups and schools get outside with us.
  • No trail work experience is necessary! We'll make sure there is fun work to do for all skill levels.

Schedule an Event

Please click the button below to book a meeting with our team. In this initial call, we will talk through your goals and requests. Once we have a date scheduled, we’ll work on scouting projects and fine-tuning logistics. We’re excited to plan an awesome event for you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is there a cost? There is a minimum donation requirement of $1,500 for groups of 10-15 participants. Costs vary based on group size and specific hospitality requests. If you represent a nonprofit, school group, or team, we might be able to plan your event pro bono, depending on our availability.

2. What if we're a nonprofit or community group? We’re always looking for community groups to support with pro-bono team-building events. Please schedule a call to let us know you’re interested in a private trail work event with our team. We’ll do our best to schedule your team’s event, free of charge.

3. What's the booking process?

  • Booking: You'll schedule a meeting with our team using Calendly. Please provide a few dates, times, and preferred locations. Also, share group size and your group's name.

  • Initial Call: During our call, we'll talk about your special requests, goals, and requirements. We'll agree on the best date, time, and location for your group.

  • Sign-up Process: After our call, we'll send you a signup link. Each participant must use the provided link to sign up and complete the online waiver.

  • Participant Communications: After signing up, participants will receive a confirmation email. Additionally, our team will send a reminder email 24 hours before the event, including crucial details such as meeting location and parking information.

4. What tasks will we be doing? Tasks vary based on the season and available projects. During our initial call, we'll assess your group's experience and choose a project location that suits your team. Common tasks include trail maintenance, invasive plant removal, carpentry, new trail construction, and more.

5. Where could we work? SCMTS operates across 60+ miles of trails in the Santa Cruz Mountains region. Some of the parks we work at include Pogonip Open Space Preserve, DeLaveaga Park, Soquel Demonstration State Forest, Wilder Ranch State Park, Cotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument, and various pump tracks. We'll determine the best location for your team during our initial call.

6. Is food provided? If your group prefers an all-inclusive package, we can coordinate hospitality needs for an additional fee. Common requests include morning pastries and coffee, afternoon sandwiches and soft drinks, and post-event snacks and refreshments. We'll be happy to discuss your specific needs during our initial call.

7. Can I make special requests for the event? We understand that every corporate group is unique. During our initial call, we encourage you to share any team-building goals or specific customization requests you have in mind. Whether it's fostering team collaboration, leadership development, or enhancing employee morale, we can tailor the volunteer experience to align with your corporate objectives.

8. Is it safe? The safety of our participants is our top priority. We adhere to strict safety protocols and provide all necessary tools, equipment, and guidance during the trail work. Our experienced team ensures that all participants are briefed on safety procedures and are equipped with appropriate gear.

9. Is trail work sustainable? Engaging in trail stewardship not only benefits the immediate community but also contributes significantly to environmental conservation. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the local ecosystem, the importance of trail preservation, and their role in sustainable practices.

10. What's the outcome? Upon completion of the event, we provide the participating group’s leader with an impact report detailing the work accomplished, the positive changes made to the trails, and the overall environmental impact of the group's efforts.

11. How can we follow the work SCMTS does? Our relationship with corporate groups extends beyond the volunteering day. We encourage ongoing engagement, such as sharing post-event photos and success stories on @santacruztrails social channels. We also invite participants to follow our progress and stay updated on future projects and initiatives.


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