Hike & Help

Give back, make friends

What is Hike & Help?

Join Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Stewardship (SCMTS) for a unique combination of a social hike and trail maintenance event on weekday mornings, and become a valuable part of the team that monitors local trails.

Together, we’ll scout trails and perform light maintenance tasks while exploring the beauty of Santa Cruz parks. If you have clippers, please bring them along (BYOC).

When and Where

Currently, our Hike & Help events take place on most Thursday mornings from 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. Explore different local trails in the Santa Cruz Mountains as we come together to maintain and cherish these outdoor gems.

Why Participate?

This program merges adventure with stewardship, allowing you to appreciate the outdoors while actively preserving its beauty. By joining our Hike & Help events, you'll:

  • Scout and Maintain: Find potential trail hazards and complete light maintenance tasks, so that trails stay in great condition for all to enjoy.

  • Experience Nature: Immerse yourself in the natural splendor of Santa Cruz trails as you contribute to their preservation.

  • Connect with Others: Meet fellow enthusiasts who share your passion for the outdoors and stewardship.

Make an Impact: Your efforts will have a lasting impact, and enhance trails for current and future generations.

What to Expect
  • Trail Exploration: Discover the beauty of Santa Cruz trails with a 1-3 mile hike over the course of two hours that combines both leisure and purpose.

  • Light Maintenance Tasks: Engage in tasks to maintain the trails' quality and safety so that more folks can have fun outside!

  • Bring Your Clippers (BYOC): If you have clippers or other maintenance tools such as hand saws and loppers, bring them along to aid in our maintenance efforts.

  • Adults Only: This program is tailored for adults to focus on effective maintenance and enjoyment.

Difficulty Level: Our activities range from easy to moderate, and accommodate various fitness levels.

Ready to Contribute?

Embark on a journey that combines exploration, camaraderie, and stewardship. Join us for the next Hike & Help session and be a part of the team that ensures the enduring beauty of Santa Cruz trails.

Secure your spot today by visiting our events page and signing up. Let's create a positive impact while relishing the beautiful trails in our backyard!


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