Join the SCMTS Stewardship Circle

Being a member of the SCMTS Stewardship Circle is like wearing a badge of honor.


What's the Stewardship Circle?

The SCMTS Stewardship Circle is made up of our most engaged supporters, those that give over $1,000 a year and go above and beyond to support our mission. This group is instrumental to the success of SCMTS. With their support, we are able to introduce more community members to the magic of trails and inspire lifelong protection of natural landscapes.

Why Join?

When you join the Stewardship Circle, you join a community of like-minded visionaries who understand the role that trail access plays in the health and well-being of our community. The Stewardship Circle changes lives and inspires long-term protection of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Members also get a few special perks for their ongoing commitment to local trail stewardship, including:

  • A welcome kit with a framed trail print

  • Exclusive Stewardship Circle events (group bike rides, trail tours, etc.)

  • Early access to event sign-ups

  • Direct access to SCMTS staff for an inside look at our work

How to Join

Stewardship Circle members support our work with a minimum annual donation of $1,000. Contributions can be donated all at once or split up throughout the year–it’s up to you! Once you reach $1,000 via individual donations or membership dues, you’ll be added to the Stewardship Circle list.

If you have any questions about your current contribution amount, please check out our donation portal here. It’ll show you an overview of recent gifts.


Become a Member

Become a member of SCMTS! Join thousands of members who provide a reliable stream of support as we build and maintain sustainable trails throughout the Santa Cruz Mountains.