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Join us as we fund, design, build, and maintain 19 miles of new hiking, biking, horseback riding, and ADA-accessible trails


Spring 2024 Update:

We're nearing completion of the third loop of trail at Cotoni-Coast Dairies. We've battling thick poison oak, experiencing some very exposed digging, and are doing a lot of rock work on this loop. We're currently working towards connecting the third loop to the second loop which is requiring a mix of machine work and hand-finishing.

Get Involved at CCD

Join our team as they build trails at Cotoni-Coast Dairies (CCD). We host regular drop-in volunteer trail work at CCD–check out our events page for the latest sign-ups.

Why support this project?

  • Leaving a permanent legacy on the region:
    It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to open part of a national monument that will outlive all of us, our children, our grandchildren, etc.

  • Expanding outdoor access:
    COVID caused a spike in outdoor recreating — we don’t anticipate that slowing down much. This would become a destination park for people throughout the greater bay area, including those who’ve been historically excluded from these spaces.

  • Community health:
    For every dollar invested in building trails, nearly three dollars in medical cost savings may be achieved (per the American Heart Association)

  • Without this campaign, the park could take another decade to open:

    The Bureau of Land Management supervises the land, but there’s a $100 million backlog in construction and maintenance needs around the country

And yes, there are opportunities to get your name on a bridge, too!

Goals & Timelines

Timeline: Initial timelines have been shifted. We don't have a firm public opening date yet, but hope to be able to share one soon!

Fundraising Goals: Together, we need to raise about $5 million for this project.

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